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-Translations and Interpretation - RSI
-Dubbing, Voice Over, ADR, Audio-description, eBooks, Songs.

Let's work together to bring your company and your people to another level.


Certified Translators.

Translations for subtitles.

ADR, e-learning
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Captions - for the deaf and hard of hearing.
English <-> Spanish and most main languages.

- Specialized Interpreters - simultaneous and consecutive.

- RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) The best way to reach more people for a much lower cost. 

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marzo 24, 2021


marzo 24, 2021


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About Vea Corp

V.E.A. originated from the acronym Values In Action in Spanish (Valores En Acción).
We believe in making sure we are value-based in all we do, which keeps us on track when we take on a project from beginning to end.

We believe your Global Communications should be clear and professional and convey the original message to the target audience.

The multi-cultural nature of our remote and virtual professionals makes the difference in our quality and service because we can localize it for the audience it is intended to reach.

We are a small team. What we take on we can do, and we recognize when we cannot meet either your deadlines or your expectations.

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"Once again VEA provided excellent translation services for The Global Media Desk. [They were]  punctual, accurate, and very professional."

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Engineering Brochures

"Professional provider, quick to learn, timely delivery. Glad to work with."

Excellence, quality,
 flexibility and professionalism.

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